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Enable talent and organizations to be the best

At MELISSAKING recruiting we have a real passion in regard to the growth of individuals and how these individuals, in turn, can foster the growth of their colleagues. We believe the ability to create, to communicate and to encourage change is a key factor for the success of both the organization and the individual.


We are solution focused and show a high level of empathy with the ability to motivate others in challenging times.


​We provide a unique experience to each client that we represent. We have continued to partner with a variety of business leaders in providing talent acquisition solutions to develop their overall management capabilities and improve talent transformations within Sales/Marketing and Accounting/Finance teams as well as operations and it.


Establishing a proven track record in recruiting for mission-critical roles, executive, and individual contributor positions has remained an ongoing focus. We are your source for today's top talent with a commitment that elevates this practice to the forefront of the recruiting industry.

Melissa King

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